SINCE 1995

Guy is the soul and designer of the Doyon of America dictionary, a 2196-page work published in 2006.  The work, entitled Doyon 1644-2006, required tens of thousands of hours of work, has been kept up to date, and is still kept up to date, digitally.

The five-volume set of this dictionary contains many Doyon of America with the name of their spouse, dates of birth, marriage, etc.  As well as other information when available. The coat of arms, in color, and the description of the coat of arms are included.

This dictionary is an object of our family heritage that will pass from generation to generation. Life flies, words fly, writings remain and are guarantors of the past.

Guy was born in 1939 in Compton.  He is the son of Madeleine Doyon and Alphonse Létourneau. He married Gilberte Ferland in 1963 in Valcourt. Here is his path.

1952 – Entrance to the Séminaire St-Charles Borromée in Sherbrooke
1958 – École Normale de l’Université de Sherbrooke
1959 – Begins teaching at St-Joseph de Valcourt school.
1969 – Appointment as principal of the Notre-Dame de la Clarté school in Valcourt.
1972 – Appointed Director of Educational Services. Morilac School Board
1979 – Appointment as General Manager. C.S. Morilac
1992 – Retirement
1995 – GENEALOGY Project

Guy is the driving force behind our genealogy project. He devotes much of his time to updating the family genealogy.  He counts on you to inform him of any changes that occur in your own family tree.