The red gules taken from the Aunis coat of arms refers to the French blood of our first ancestor Jean Doyon. It is perpetuated on the banks of the St. Lawrence River.

The golden partridge reminds us of Aunis, the French province where the Doyons of America originated.

The golden house is the main element of the coat of arms of Château-Richer where the ancestor Jean Doyon settled. It also symbolizes the settlement of the Doyon family in America.

The silver band that crosses the coat of arms symbolizes both the St. Lawrence River and the meaning of the name Doyon, taken from the Latin “ductus” which means “water course”.

The heraldic green reminds us that the first Doyon earned their bread by cultivating the land.

The three golden ears of corn designate the three branches of the Doyon family, descendants from the ancestor Jean Doyon.

The motto of the Doyons of America is: “What we ought to do, we do!”.